Being 50+

As a 50+ woman who no longer has the pert breasts, flat tummy and smooth skin, is it any wonder that I don’t post naked photos of myself. Is it any wonder that when I do go to a beach I make sure it’s quiet, empty and during the week where I don’t feel like I’m being compared to the under 30s who have yet to feel the ravages of time/motherhood and other of lifes vagaries. I do appreciate  my friends who are older, don’t have the perfect bodies and yet will post photos of themselves, in their everyday environment doing everyday activites. However, there still appears to be those that feel it is their duty to post photos of the younguns. Or to quote “pretty young fillies” I was okay with it at first but it’s getting a bit much. It’s like I’m being shamed by being in a world where the perfect body is the preferred option. Maybe how I’m feeling is wrong but I can’t help feeling as i do.


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